By now our regular themed quizzes, hosted by the ladies at Quizzly Bears, have amassed not only a reputation as the ultimate Wednesday night escape for mega fans, but a strong attendance of between 70 and 120 people at each one.

If you haven’t attended one yet we have the perfect introduction starting next week. First up, one of the comic fans out there – XMEN on 20th July and secondly out most requested quiz – SIMPSONS on August 3rd. Book in for either here through our online ticket seller:

Prizes in the past have included themed monopoly, themed t-shirts and booze. We include extra prizes for best team name and best tweet. The quiz is kindly sponsored by Thomas Dakin, a delicious Manchester gin producer, who donate a bottle for the best themed tweet on the night if you include their Twitter handle. So get creative! We love a pun.

We hope to see you at one of our next ones! Message us at or message the Quizzly Bears girls on twitter for more info here @quizzlybear

Look out for our Simpson’s Quiz night on Wednesday 3rd August